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Cathartic Breathing

What is Cathartic Breathing?

The name, Cathartic Breathing, refers to the effect that the breathing has on you emotionally. The essential technique of the CB process is a connected breathing rhythm that merges the inhalation with the exhalation in a continuous cycle. It stimulates vital healing energies that cleanse and recharge our whole psycho-physical being.

A Typical Session

A CB session is always individual and unique, however it may have many of the following elements. You lie down and make yourself comfortable. Your ‘breathing coach’ assists you in relaxing and coaches your breathing. Physical sensations of tingling or muscle tightening may be felt as energy increases in your body. Your breathing becomes spontaneous, stronger and more intense. Instead of you guiding your breathing, your breathing seems to guide you. Emotions and memories may begin to surface. You gain insight into your inhibiting behavior patterns and self-limiting beliefs. Eventually your breathing changes from intensive to quiet. You come out of the experience with a peaceful feeling. When you open your eyes, you realize you have been in touch with the real you.

The Setting

CB can be conducted privately, on a one to one basis, or in a group (just as an introduction to the proces.). To understand the scope of possibilities and commitment necessary to fully benefit from CB, your first breathing session will be preceded by an introductory consultation. A typical breathing session lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours. Although each session has, in itself, a cathartic wholeness, the CB process usually goes on over several sessions. Private sessions are ideally spaced ten to twenty days apart. The number of sessions necessary to complete the CB process varies from person to person, however it is recommended that you complete ten sessions with the same breathing coach.  Some of the healing possibilities of CB are, reduction of stress, increased energy, deeper self-knowledge and emotional well-being.